Discovering a hidden haven in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

It’s early January and my garden is overgrown. Again.

The worst of it!

As I was looking for a shady patch to weed without getting sunburnt I started to think about the changes that occur in a garden over a year and how beautiful mine could look, if only I put in the effort. I wondered how I might motivate myself to tidy the lot up properly. Then it occurred to me a blog could help me record both the changes to my garden and motivate me at the same time. If I say I’m going to fix it up and show pictures of it evolving, well, I have to do it don’t I?

An Australian Admiral Butterfly fittingly sitting on a Butterfly Bush.

Hopefully along the way I can snap a few pictures of interesting birds and insects visiting the garden which will help me focus even more on seasonal changes.  I love butterflies and have just started to learn about some of the ones that visit our area, so I’m keen to snap and properly identify those. My daughter loves ladybugs and I’d like to record their visits too.  Sadly last year we didn’t seem to have any visit which I’m hoping was just ‘one of those things’ rather than a marker of permanent change. I also hope  to educate myself about the plants I’ve never bothered to learn the names of along the way too.

So that is the basic plan – a garden on the improve! My aim is eventually to have shady and tranquil retreat from the world.

Currently the garden is very overgrown with weeds, but underneath the weeds are some beautiful flowers and plants. The roses are largely finishing their second flush for the year, but are still coming out with the occasional beautiful bloom. They flowered early in the season last year, so I’m hoping most will have a third flush.

Angel Face Rose

Angel Face Rose

My Green credentials aren’t that great as I do prefer introduced plants to locals, but I don’t tend to water anything unless it looks like it is going to keel over and I don’t use much by way of chemicals. The insects largely seem to balance themselves out and the ducks make pretty good biological control for snails and slugs!

Ducks amongst the weeds!

The ducks amongst the weeds!

The garden is still very green for January, as we’ve had a bit of rain lately, but some very hot weather is predicted soon, so we’ll see how it looks then.

Well, it is more than likely that I will go off topic before too long.  Especially if the gardening isn’t going to plan!


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