Discovering a hidden haven in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Australian Blue Banded Bee

I’ve been spying this little buzzy bee around my Budleias for a while now and finally I did some research at to find out what he was. I thought he might be a native Australian bee and sure enough it turns out he is a Blue Banded bee. There are plenty of other bees and wasps buzzing about at the moment, so identifying them will be a new job for me. There are lots of butterflies flitting about to, but they have not been co-operating for photos. Below is a tiny little skipper sitting on a rose stem. Not sure what variety he is.

Tiny unidentified skipper butterfly

Another important job is going to be learning about having a proper ‘Butterfly garden’.  So far I seem to be doing well in attracting the critters by chance, but I’m sure some thoughtful planting will have even better results!

In bloom today…

Californian Poppy

Here is a little Californian Popy which my daughter is very proud of raising from seed along with some Snapdragons and Cat Mint.

And below is a beautiful little geranium bloom in my favourite colour. It seems

Cranesbill (?) Geranium

to enjoy the dappled shade under Mother Maple much more than the roses do. I think it is a Cranesbill Geranium, but I’m not 100% certain.

Last of all for today is yet another of my favourite flower, the Rose. This one has a lovely scent and a beautiful colour, but unlike the other David Austin roses I have, doesn’t seem to last so well in the vase.

'Pat Austin' Rose


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