Discovering a hidden haven in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Butterfly fever has got us chasing butterflies across town and through car parks much to the bemusement of others! Here is a strange butterfly we found not far from where we live and are yet to identify. It is quite small (approx 35 – 40mm wingspan) and a very fast flutterer who barely settles (so we couldn’t get a clear photo). So far I have not seen it in our garden. I will come back and update when we find out what it is!

Mystery butterfly

Now to the future Butterfly Garden! Well, the research has begun, if not the actual planting.

I’ve decided to make the north facing area that runs along the side of the house into my butterfly and bee garden. The majority of the buddleias are already there anyway and there is not much else going on in that part of my world apart from my beloved raspberry bath.

Australian Admiral Butterfly resting on a Silver Veined Creeper

Researching food plants is going to take me a little while as most of the texts and sites I’ve found list latin names which I have no skill with! However I did manage to discover that Australian Admiral butterflies are fond of some varieties of nettle including Sticky Weed. Ironically one of our cats does a great job of spreading sticky weed all over the garden.  He does this very effectively by collecting the burrs in his long coat!


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