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Things have gone a bit haywire in the Gippygarden these last couple of days. Well, on the more bloggy level anyway. The garden is as it was, which is officially “getting there slowly”.

Yes, this is her happy face.

I dearly miss being able to log on to Blotanical which has gone ‘off the air’ for a couple of days. But I am very happy that I just discovered Meredith over at Victory Garden Redux was passing on the following message from Stuart:

“Hi, blotanists. Blotanical may be down for a few days as we sort out some issues and migrate to a new server.  Please pass this message on.”

Phew, Not gone for good then!

In the short time I’ve been part of the Blotanical online gardening community I’ve really grown fond of it and all the other bloggers I’ve met there, so I feel a little alone in the wilderness without it.  Silly really, but there it is!

I’m not really up to speed with the technical aspect of Blotanical (as I’m barely getting a handle on blogging), but I understand that Stuart runs it on his own, which would be an enormous undertaking in itself, without a life to be getting on with as well.

I wonder why so many of my plants look slightly squashed...

Anyway the Gippy Garden’s other online problem is my camera. Well, I’m hoping it’s just the memory card and not the whole camera. I am unable to take or download any photos. The camera keeps asking me to format the card then it shuts down when I try to*sigh*.

A cosy mulchy nest

I discovered this when I decided it might be fun to join in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day over at May Dreams Garden for the first time and raced out to take some pics . Only when I came back I couldn’t download a single photo from my camera, so that’s why you get to look at my ‘back cat-alogue’ of The Supervisor instead of some pretty blooms!

Look Mum, no claws!

17/2/10 update.

Blotanical being offline has made me think about putting my favourite sites on a blogroll after all, so I can still find them. I always seem to find the long way of doing things and as I didn’t think to bookmark more than one or two, I’m currently running around looking each one up! The list will grow sloooowly over the next few days!


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  1. Without Blotanical, my blogging rhythm is a little bit off…. haha. ~bangchik

  2. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a gardening pussycat, until they figure out what a fine litterbox a garden doth make. Jeri

  3. Well, there may not have been any blooms, but I do love looking at your cat :^) Thanks for the info regarding Blotanical…I am trying to be patient…

  4. It’s funny how connected we all are via Blotanical, and how odd it is when the site is off for even a few hours. Knowing Stuart, he’s working madly at it trying to get everything done, but I bet it’s a lot of work.
    Wish I could help with the camera problem, but my only suggestion is to take the battery/ies out for a while and then put them back in. Sometimes a piece of electronic gear will forget what it was trying to make you do and let you deal with it normally. Meanwhile, however, the Supervisor is looking delightful.

  5. Hi Jodi and thanks for the camera suggestion – I’ll try that. It has done something like this to me before and sorted itself out somehow. Maybe the battery idea is just the trick I need 🙂

  6. Heidi, I really don’t think it’s silly at all. I’m missing Blotanical badly! And I, like you, didn’t make a list of my favorite blogs with links anywhere. I was able to find several of them by following comments and blogrolls at other sites, but still… it’s been a disappointment. 😦 (Do we need to start a Blotanists’ Anonymous?)

    Your kitty is too cute! I have a slightly grumpy-looking one, too, and I think he looks like a venerable (and strict!) Zen master (and somehow slightly Japanese). Your darling puts me in mind of how I picture Minerva McGonagall looking at the students most of the time in the Harry Potter series: severe, serious, but not unkind at heart. 🙂 Love the playing in the kiddie pool, esp. with the awesome cutline.

    • Hello Meredith 🙂 I think a ‘Blotanists Anonymous’ might indeed be in order!
      I will have to go and see if there any any pictures of your Zen master kitty in older posts as I would love to see him! I’m not sure if Possum would do too well in the roll of Minerva McGonagall as she would be more than happy for the students to do whatever they liked as long as they didn’t wake her up!

  7. I am in the same boat as you. When I joined Blotanical, I just stopped putting blogs in my blogroll, easier to go to them through Blotanical. I am spending a ton of time, trying to find people, following through a lot of comments. Hurry, hurry Stuart!

  8. Elephant's Eye said:

    Jean says computer work always takes longer than you think, so Stuart will need a week. Now if we can just get thru the weekend …

  9. Elephant's Eye said:

    I linked back to this post today. Some Lucky Blotanists are Able to Play Again. NOT me!

  10. Thanks for linking me Diana 🙂 I’ve been able to get on to Blotanical, but it doesn’t seem fully functional just yet, so I’m giving it some time before I start running around clicking on too many things!
    I can see it has gone back in history by a few days and now I’m racking my brain for the blogs I had faved just before it went down that I may not have found again yet!

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