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You’re probably familiar with some variation of the old saying ‘A watched kettle will never boil’. It gently suggests that the more impatient you are for something to happen, the longer it will seem to take.

Well, the kettle may not have boiled, but I’m the one with steam coming out of my ears from pure impatience. I’ts got to the point where I’m starting to feel like I’m watching my poor ‘Tommy Toes’ tomatoes so closely that they will never fruit from the sheer pressure of it all.

Tommy Toes seedlings 14th Jan 2010

I’m very excited about my tomatoes as it’s been a long time since I’ve grown anything from seed.  I am also a bit anxious about these as they were sown just before Christmas, a little bit on the late side for my part of the world. Being a novice, I wasn’t entirely sure if they would flower and fruit in time.

Tommy Toes 19th Feb 2010

So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed some flower buds emerging  yesterday! Well, they haven’t so much as bloomed yet, but the appearance of flower buds is enough for me to get excited about the prospect of little tomatoes appearing one day soon.

Some buds at last!

That’s If everything goes according to plan from here on in.

I’ll cry if it doesn’t.


Comments on: "Does a watched tomato ever boil?" (14)

  1. Oh, I’m sure it will go according to plan. Sometimes it helps me to ignore them for a couple days and then come back to see if there is a difference ;^)

  2. I’m not exactly one to give you advice on patience. We have that saying, too, only here it’s “a watched pot never boils.” And I’ve had it quoted at me all my life, most recently the last time I was talking to my grandfather about some cabbage I was growing, LOL.

    But I do have a teeny bit of advice! I once had tomatoes that made plenty of flowers and almost no fruit came from it, so I researched how they’re pollinated and discovered it’s by wind. Mine were sitting in pots on the porch at the time, much like yours in the picture, more or less sheltered. I discovered I should have gently shaken the plants to encourage pollination (which I do with patio tomato plants to this day if I think the winds aren’t strong enough) and/or gotten out an electric toothbrush and held it to the stems. (Never done that one, but it sounds fun!)

    Anyway, just a thought for when they do flower. You are nearly there, Heidi!

    • Thank-you Meredith! That is one of the great joys of having this blog – learning from other gardeners!
      I will move the tomatoes to a more exposed spot as their flowers emerge and pay attention to how much breeze is about.
      That tip now helps something else make more sense. Apparently our native blue banded bees are popular with commercial tomato growers, because they are ‘buzz pollinators’ now I realise that makes them natures little electric toothbrushes 😀

  3. Fingers crossed for you! Can’t have any crying in the garden:)

  4. Good luck Heidi, I’m sure if you divert your attention elsewhere in the garden for a week or so, you’ll return and find your “Tommy Toes” are doing just fine!

    • Hello CVF 🙂 There are plenty of places elsewhere in the garen that I should be diverting my attention…but the tomatoes are like a loose tooth – can’t help coming back to them 😀

  5. Before you know it, they’ll be popping out, all red and juicy and ready for picking (and eating!)–so hang in there;-)

  6. I am attempting tomatoes this spring/summer. We’ll see how it goes. Yours look very healthy. It is hard to be a patient gardener :). You will have to let us know when you get your first tomato. Ymmmmm….

    • Hello Amy 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you go with your tomatoes when spring rolls around for you. What type are your going to try do you think?
      I will indeed let you know when the first highly scrutinised little tomato appears!

  7. The excitement in growing tomato is almost perpetual. First the sprouting seedlings, then the leaves, the flower buds, …. Then the excitement relax a little bit when the first little fruit appears…. our tomato plants are coming to a foot and a little bit tall….


    • Hello bagchik 🙂 I just visited your blog and turned green with envy when I saw how quickly your tomatoes have grown since the start of Feb! They look wonderful!
      I tried to leave a message, but my browser kept crashing on your page for some reason – a bit strange that, as the page seem to load ok, then it was gone 😦

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