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One Little Ladybug

In my last post I was bemoaning our loss of ladybugs from the garden over the last year or so. We love ladybugs in our house. Not only do they eat the aphids, but they use our ‘Mother Maple’ tree as a nursery and my daughter (our mini entomologist) just loves studying their life cycle.

But guess what?

While I was mooching about the roses – wishing the little wasps would eat the aphids a bit faster (yes, I know, patience is a virtue, but those nasty little critters are eating my roses!) what should I spy?

One little ladybug...lots of little aphids!

One little ladybug, all on her own. I searched high I searched low, but still only ever found one. Maybe she is the promise of ladybugs to come?


Comments on: "One Little Ladybug" (10)

  1. Here’s hoping she is, indeed, the advance scout on a plethora of ladybugs to come!

  2. I hope she is fertile, and has lots and lots of kids in your garden.

  3. I’m sure she’s just surveying the territory. I bet she went home and hold all her friends that she’s found the perfect garden. Hope you have more showing up soon!

  4. Hopefully it is scouting and will bring others in. Just as long as they are not the Asian Ladybugs. Nasty little things.

  5. how lovely – I am sure there will be more.

  6. I do hope she is a sign of things to come. Ladybugs make the garden such a cheerful place to be.

  7. Great, great ladybug pic. jim

  8. Hello everyone! Sorry that I have not replied individually to everyone’s comments, I’ve got some long hours on at work this week 😦 But I am glad to see lots of other gardeners appreciate the little ladybug/bird!

    I don’t think it’s an Asian ladybug Lona (just looked them up and these ones don’t seem to be the same) but having said that, I’m not sure exactly what type she is, so that’s another little research project to get on with!

  9. Maybe she’s the advance scout, Heidi. Hope so, for your garden’s sake! And I’m sure everyone understands about being busy (that’s why I just got over to your post!)

  10. Heidi I see what you mean – it does look alittle like the one I mentioned in my post. I would just love to see a ladybug nursery.

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