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I’m a little late for the occasion, but Noelle over at ‘Ramblings From a Desert Garden‘ had a lovely idea last month to share a regular post (Meme? I’m still not sure what that means!) featuring a bouquet from your garden on the third week of the month. Her bouquet for the month is of beautiful soft colours that I would love to have adorning my home.

I was going to reach for the roses, but thought instead I’d do a quick and cheerful little bouquet to make my daughter smile.

My mini cheerful bouquet March 2010

So here we have, Golden Everlasting daisies , ‘Raspberry Cupcake’ Argyranthemum and carrot leaves all in a jam jar!

No floristry awards for me, but my daughter did like the bouquet and was only a little bit miffed that I nicked some of the leaves from her carrots to make it!

You can join in with Noelle and/or have a look at some other lovely arrangementsΒ  here . I’m going to challenge myself to have something to display every month, could be interesting come mid winter!


Comments on: "My (cheerful) Garden Bouquet – March MGB" (22)

  1. It’s just gorgeous. As you know I have a soft spot for Everlasting Daisies and I love the colour of your Argyranthemum … never tried growing those! The carrot leaves are a great touch … even if your daughter did get a little miffed at you using them.

    • Hello Bernie – yes, I think we certainly share a liking for those everlastings! The Argyranthemum seems very happy living in and old concrete sink with the everlasting. Probably the warmest spot in the garden.

  2. Elephant's Eye said:

    Replied to your comment on my post. ‘Getting flowers to sit, straight’ Kind of like – bloom where you are planted, in my vase. The first secret is a version of an old-fashioned rose bowl, with a grid over the neck of the vase to hold the flowers. Or start with a twiggy branch, and use that to hold the rest. And the second secret is a jar-full of glass pebbles or children’s marbles. Go to a floral art demonstration – I am at a flower/garden club. Not to compete but just for a few ideas. Then, we love to read, there are books. And blogs? Seen Carolyn’s Rose Notes?

  3. Hello Diana – I just popped back over to your blog and had a look at your suggestions. Thank you for all of them! I am going to see if I can track down something like a rose bowl and start experimenting – and one day get myself along to such a demonstration!

  4. How pretty! I think I will give that a try today. I don’t have very much…dianthus and sage. I bet it did make your daughter smile except the part about her carrots. πŸ™‚

  5. A very cheery bouquet! I think the carrot leaves fit in perfectly.

  6. that,s sweet. What lovely flowers you have in your garden. In regards to the photo meme, I have to admit that I too am not really sure what a meme is. I participated in a meme last week but am still no wiser.

  7. Hello Heidi,

    I am so happy you are participating! I honestly had no idea if anyone would want to. I love daisies and your bouquet is so colorful. I love the idea of using carrot greens for filler. I need to try that. I added a link to your post on my MGB post so people can see how pretty your bouquet is πŸ™‚

  8. Heidi, how beautiful! I especially like the supercreative use of the carrot leaves. πŸ™‚ I’m sure your daughter was thrilled!

  9. This is a very sweet and cheerful bouquet… and to make it for your child … to make her smile… well all the better! Lovely! ;>)

  10. Hello Carol – one of the things we share is a love of making little things for each other! Her creations always make me smile too πŸ™‚

  11. Hello,
    I had to come and check out your blog. What a darling little bouquet…and you used carrot leaves. I never thought of that. They almost look like ferns.This is going to be fun each month. I’ll be back to read some more.

  12. I can just imagine the proprietary horror over mutilated carrot foliage. I’d have probably had out the ‘no mom’s allow’ sign out pretty promptly.

    Makes for a great bouquet though, you just have to start being sneakier.

  13. Very cute, Heidi! An adorable little bouquet…and a perfect touch by adding the carrot leaves;-)

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