Discovering a hidden haven in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

What makes a flower and garden show ‘International’? I’m not sure what the answer to that question is, but on the weekend I dragged my long suffering daughter off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

I took a gazillion photos, half of which didn’t turn out.  I had put my camera on the wrong settings, so most of the photos were overexposed and pretty awful.

On the other hand, my daughter had a pretty good day, having been invited to pot three separate seedlings (a lettuce, capsicum and a pansy) and to have a close encounter with a Monarch butterfly in a temporary butterfly enclosure.

Nobody gave me a free seedling. Or a butterfly. But here are some of the photos that are still a bit fuzzy, but did sort of turn out…

The winning garden design by Paal Grant Designs and Entanglements.

'The Health and Wellbeing Garden' by Natural Inspirations

TAFE Horticulture student's mini garden design

An alarmingly large Pelican.

I had never seen these 'Green Trick' carnations before!

The photo doesn't do these justice, but they looked very pretty all together.

A floral display by Cecilia Fox making a statement about what is found in the forest. It was apparently destined to be 100% composted or recycled at show's close.

I thought these garden walls were pretty nifty. But nobody offered for me to take one of these home either.

This last one is just for Jess of 'Children of the Corm'. It is an understated fountain to go with her marble General on a horse.


Comments on: "It is a Garden Show, but is it International?" (23)

  1. It is good to get ideas from garden shows (international or not). Love that metal screen in the first (wining) design.

  2. Would International mean that plants from all over were used in the displays, or the designers came from other countries as well as locally?

    Regardless, it looks wonderful. Thank you for showing us your photos. The Health and Wellbeing display had some interesting plants.

    • I guess the plant selection might qualify it, but the designers all seemed to be very local, which I forgot to mention! Really I was just being a bit silly – it seems that every event we have in Melborne has ‘international’ in the title and it seemed a bit of a stretch!

  3. I also rather like the aesthetic of the metalwork in the first picture, especially the rusted piece hanging on the rear wall. Those ‘green trick’ carnations are amazing. I assume they actually grow that color, and aren’t dyed?

    That pelican is rather frightening!

    There were a lot of vertical garden walls at the San Francisco Flower & Garden show this last weekend. Some were succulent gardens, others were hydroponic edible gardens. I think they look interesting…just not sure I’d ever want to actually plant one. Although, if I lived in the city, it would be a space-efficient way to garden.

    • Hi CV – there was quite a lot of metalwork used in the different displays and rusted peices were certainly popular. They drew me in too.
      The ‘Green Trick’ carnations were not dyed – I wish I had a better picture of them as they were an interesting texture too!
      I don’t suppose I have any use for a high maintenance vertical garden either – but they did look lovely!

  4. Love those curve-inspired gardens in the first three photos. And it’s always cool to see Kangaroo Paws. They sell them in our garden centers here, where they are truly “international.” Personally, I haven’t had luck getting them to survive summer in my garden.

    Cecilia Fox’s display is somewhat disturbing. Yuck. Sorry your day was not as great as planned. The photos look good to me. At least daughter had a good time!

    • Now that you mention it FG, I think my eye was really drawn to the soft curvy gardens. There were a couple more lovely ones, including mini ones by the Horticulture students, but my photos didn’t do them any justice!

  5. I love the soft lines of the display in the first photo. I know how hard it can be to find out that your camera was on the wrong setting. It happened to me before 😦

  6. Don’t garden shows make you so happy?! I suppose you’d be happier if someone gave you a seedling, butterfly or garden wall, but none the less, it looks like you enjoyed yourself! The first garden photo is really cool…I can see why it won first place. I also like the student’s mini garden…my style. The garden wall is fascinating…I’d like one of these.
    Sorry about your photos…very disappointing. I’ve experienced this same fate.

    • Indeed they make me happy Kimberly, if a little footsore! It was really lovely to see my daughter get so excited and protective of her seedlings. After the carrot incident, I’m not allowed anywhere near them 😀

  7. Lol! I saw your comment first on my blog this morning (and thought hmmmm) then checked your blog tonight and definitely had myself a giggle. You know me so well!! This is exactly what I have been looking for all my life and just didn’t know it!

  8. The giant pelican would scare the boys, but maybe it would scare the deer also. jim

  9. i love the first two pics and the igloo hang out space…thats cool, probably in a more urban environment, but it does make a statement and the others are great in giving ideas….i wonder if there’s a site that posts all the garden shows worldwide on one site, would love to see everything.

    nice post gippsland.

    • Hi Noel, having a site showcase all of the garden designs from these shows would be excellent. It does seem a shame that they are generally (except for the real biggies like Chelsea) only seen by a pretty localised audience. Sharing in this way would make it much more international!

  10. I didn’t even get to do a post on the Philadelphia Flower Show which was truly international … exhibits that reflected gardens from other countries (but not necessarily by gardeners from other countries). I think your pictures turned out better than mine. I didn’t like the crowds, but I love garden shows … I think you do, too, really. Great post!

    • I think you’re on to me there Pam 😀 I was taken aback by the crowds though this year. I could only get a photo of the display gardens if I managed to get a possy right by the fence, otherwise there was no hope!
      Maybe you can share a post about the Philadelphia Flower Show if you go again next year?

  11. Looks like a fun gardening show. That is an alarmingly large pelican.:) One day, I would like to learn how to make a small, verticle wall garden. I think they are so pretty.

  12. I love the first garden design, beautiful! That made me thinking I really did not do much color coordination in my own garden yet 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and tell me about your double delight rose experience. Great to hear that!

  13. Its an international garden show because you’ve made it internationally viewed on your blog! I like the kangaroo paws on the 3rd pic

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