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Each month I challenge myself to come up with something to put together for the monthly ‘My Garden Bouquet’ Meme hosted by Noelle over at Ramblings from a Desert Garden. For once I’m running a little ahead of time, rather than behind, but Noelle would welcome you to join in and you can find out more about it at the end of her latest post.

The Monthly Garden Bouquet is a good challenge to have, because it makes me look more carefully at my garden. It also makes me think about the work I need to do to make it more bountiful throughout the seasons in future.

My effort this month is as informal (ham-fisted 😀 ) as always, but is unusual for me in terms of colour…

'Early Pearly' camellia, with 'Winchester Cathedral' rose and 'The Swan' rose buds.

A white and silver toned bouquet is very restrained for me, as I generally go for colour. Soft colours maybe, but I do instinctively reach for colour. Unfortunately the few flowers in different colours that were available in my garden clashed with each other, so I had to think again. My eyes turned to my lovely soft white camellia.

Sorry about the shaky image! The foliage is Feijoa and buddleja leaves

My ‘Early Pearly’ camellia has been the star of the garden since mid April, when, true to it’s name, it starts flowering before any other camellia in my garden.  My ‘Early Pearly’ is still a fairly small shrub, but it has a lovely soft weeping habit and beautiful dark green glossy leaves. It also has the loveliest white flowers that emerge from pink tinged buds. The petals even look pretty when fallen and shattered beneath the bush.

Delightful 'Early Pearly' camellia

I was quite frustrated that my bouquet photos were all either washed out by the flash or slightly fuzzy in the low light without it. I must sit down and learn more about photography one day. Another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list! Still, what’s life if there are no new challenges on the horizon!


Comments on: "My Garden Bouquet (MGB) for June – Winter White" (23)

  1. It doesn’t look informal and ham-fisted to me, Heidi. I would describe this composition in white as a very elegant bouquet. Lovely.

  2. Heidi, I agree with Jean, it looks very elegant. I love roses and camellias combined in garden bouquets. My neighbor brought me a lovely combination of both in a vase this spring, punctuated with springs of blooming rosemary. So much prettier than florist bouquets in my opinion.

    However, you do have my arch-nemesis (from my former rose garden) in your vase. How does your Winchester Cathedral rose do for you? Of all the English roses I grew, it was an absolute rust-magnet in my garden. Sat there most of the year, stark-naked when its leaves fell off, desperately trying to squeak out a rose bud or two. It was a shame, it was such a lovely rose the first year I had it.

    Your ‘Early Pearly’ camellia is beautiful, and I love the blush of pink on the edge of the petals. This is a bouquet you should be proud off (if only for managing to grow that blasted rose :P).

    • Hello Clare,

      I’ve been cursing Winchester Cathedral ever since I planted it too. In fact, it wasn’t long ago I had decided that I had enough of it’s sickly ways and was going to pull it out this winter.

      But guess what? I think it heard me plotting it’s demise and has been putting out healthy growth and pretty little buds ever since! What is even more weird about this is that every other rose is looking quite sad now as it is nearly pruning time. Maybe it likes a cooler climate?!

  3. It really is a beautiful bouquet … so tasteful and refined! I think you made some great choices for this arrangement.

  4. Dear Heidi, In all its simplicity, this arrangement is absolutely lovely. But for me, white flowers are my absolute favourites and although I love colour, whether hot or cool, striking or pastel, I always return to whites, creams and ivories. What I especially noted about your bouquet was the inclusion of Feijoa foliage, a shrub seldom seen in the UK. Inspirational.

    • Hello Edith, thank you for lovely comments. I do enjoy looking at arrangements of whites, creams and ivories, but I needed a conscious effort to stop myself from looking for some colour to go with it. I think I really do lack a certain refinement!

  5. I love it Heidi, and I applaud you for keeping up with this meme. I am in love with that camellia, so elegant, such a shame they are not hardy for me.

  6. Hello Deborah, and thank you! I am very lucky that camellias generally love it in my climate and cope with all but the hottest of summers here.

  7. The first one is especially gorgeous. (with the photos, I realized you just pick up the vase and put it somewhere, outside maybe, where the camera is willing to see what we see, can’t be doing with the weird colours from a flash)

  8. I just adore the white flowers, and your bouquet is so beautiful and elegant. Roses and camellias made such nice combination!

  9. Hello Ami 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

  10. You do *not* lack refinement, Heidi. Of course I measure that quality in more than just taste in flowers and color wheel preferences. Your lovely bouquet looks like Christmas to me.

    I, too, have trouble photographing white subjects and often end up with blown-out results, especially if a flash is required. The only luck I’ve had with white flowers is from a distance and when the sun is nearly directly overhead, or on a cloudy day with that filtered grey light coming through enough to need no flash. I recently learned that some cameras are designed to handle much lower light levels well — and now I dream of one of those, so I can shoot in the twilight or lamplight or inside my kitchen with the blinds drawn on a hot day. 😉

    • Why thank you for such sweet compliments dear Meredith 🙂

      I will now start to dream of one of those cameras too – but for me (at the moment) to take refuge in the warm and dry indoors, rather than to draw the blinds and escape the heat. So soon our positions will be reversed again!

  11. Heidi, Your bouquet is very elegant! My reaction (when I saw you were first to post this month) was “Now how do I follow THAT?” It really is very lovely. Pam x

  12. Thank you for such lovely comments Pam 🙂
    I am looking forward to seeing yours as I know it will be beautiful yet again!

  13. Oh, I just love your June bouquet! The ‘whiteness’ of the Camellias really shows in your photos and love the delicateness of the rosebuds.

    I am not a ‘photographer’ at all. I just point and click and keep my camera on the auto position. Your pictures are just lovely and I appreciate you participating in this each month 🙂


  14. It’s beautiful! I thought they were gardenias at first. I love it.

  15. a very pretty, elegant arrangement!

  16. What a beautiful bouquet! The silvery foliage is such a lovely compliment to the white blooms. So unique and pretty. 🙂

  17. Very beautiful bouquet, but then again, I am partial to camellias and roses. I am envious as we are in the high heat of summer and have no camellias to bring elegance to our gardens at the moment. The white bouquet is really quite striking. I fear growing white varieties of camellias and roses because they never quite look perfect for me.

    Anyway, I certainly do not think your bouquet looks “clumsy or inept,” though I love that I’ve learned a new word today: “ham-fisted.” Never heard that expression before. : )

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