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Taking a break

Hello everyone,

First of all apologies for not visiting anyone’s blogs much in the last couple of weeks and also for being a bit quiet on the blog front myself.

"But it's my turn to squash the seedlings!"

Just to let you know I’m having a short blog break as I’ve gone from being a bit unwell (nothing major!) to a complicated patch of life that needs my attention for a little while. I have and will be lurking here and there but all I seem to have to say at the moment is largely “……..” so I’ll be back when things have settled down a bit and I can fill in the dots!

"Summer squash"

All the photos are of my favourite plant flattener ‘Possum’ accompanied occasionally by ‘Melvyn’.

I've used this one before I know, but a picture is worth so very many words sometimes!

Happy gardening ! I’ll be back in a week or two 🙂


Comments on: "Taking a break" (14)

  1. Love the pictures of the plant flatteners. I know what it’s like to be busy AND unwell…I hope that things sort out for you quickly and peacefully and we’ll see you when you get back to blogging. Take care of yourself…

  2. A week or two, and you are still laughing at your cats. Hope all is soon sorted, and you bounce back.

  3. Good luck with your complications, Heidi — and I hope your plant flatteners leave you some un-flat plants.

  4. Awesome “squash” shots, Heidi. I hope that everything works out exactly as you’d like it to, and send you best wishes for a full healing, too (altho it sounds like it’s almost under control).

    I’ll miss you, but I am glad to know you’ll be back soon! xo

  5. I think we may need to send you an entire case of chopsticks to encourage your kitties to stop squishing your squash 😛 Hope you’re feeling back up to snuff soon!

  6. Heidi – take good care, rest up and come back soon!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your garden ‘helpers’, on their royal perches (cats always seem regal and poised to me – even when enthroned on prized plants?!?) –Shyrlene

  7. Love your photos! Take your needed rest and come on back. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.

  8. Hi Heidi: Take good care of yourself, see you when you get back.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us, we have enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to your return.

    John and Liza

  9. Hi Heidi,
    Just noticed your note so wanted to wish you well! Everyone needs a break now and then, and I hope whatever you need to tend to gets resolved soon. I hope you will be feeling like your old (young!) self very soon, as well. Don’t worry about taking a break. I have been non-blogging for the past couple of months…and haven’t visited more than a handful of people, either. Sometimes real life just needs to be lived! See you later on, when things are looking up again;-) Jan

  10. Oh I loved the kitty shots – especially the last one! Hope you feel better soon

    Em x

  11. Heidi–Take the time you need. Your site still inspires. Thanks for keeping us updated! Lesley

  12. Dear Heidi, Hope you are feeling better! Enjoy your blog, and look forward to its continuation when you have things sorted. Miss you, but take your time. Love, Pam

  13. I hope all will be well soon. Sometimes a break from blogging is just what the doctor ordered 🙂

  14. hahaha, you are very patient with those cats. I might not be as patient if i see them doing those with my favorite plants. Our chickens do that too and it is difficult to shoo them away.

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