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Trouble ahead?

I have a problem that is rapidly getting waaaay out of control.

You might recall that a couple of posts ago I asked for some suggestions for an extra variety or two of tomatoes to plant this year. I was hoping to round out the small selection I had made so far.

Cherry Cocktail seedling bursting ahead as the first 'matoe of the year.

Well, I was given some excellent suggestions and have been anxiously awaiting my membership from Digger’s Club seeds to arrive so I could order my last season’s nemesis Tommy Toe again and make a couple more choices to join my early sowings of Amish Paste and Cherry Cocktail seeds. Some of the tomato seeds I had made a mental note to try to find after recommendations from my garden blogger friends included Cherokee Purple and Black Russian (thanks Meredith!) along with Black Pear (thanks Clare!)

Well, a couple of weeks had gone by and still the membership had not turned up. At this point it is prudent to admit that an attribute that I do not seem to possess is patience.

The pile of tomato seed packs, as yet quite small.

I was still fully intending to stock up on Tommy Toes and whiled away the days pouring over the Diggers on-line catalogue looking for the blogger recommendations, but couldn’t find any of them. I did however come across Wild Sweetie which sounded worth a go and Black Krim, which I knew I had read about on a blog somewhere, but momentarily couldn’t place it (!) Never mind, I thought, I should get it anyway. As the days rolled by waiting for my membership I got distracted andΒ  ended up signing up with a web based vege growing challenge with Yates seeds and decided I needed to pick up a packet of Tiny Tim seeds to grow as part of the challenge. As it turns out I also have another packet of surprise Tomato seeds on the way courtesy of Yates.

Well, as luck would have it my Digger’s membership arrived with two packets of free seeds. One of those packets just happened to be of five mixed Heirloom Tomato seeds and I was at once both delighted and perplexed. I now had another forty seeds containing a mix of Burnley Sure Crop, Black Prince, Banana Legs (love that name), Aunt Ruby’s German and Tigerella. Of course, I am going to have to find somewhere to plant these now too. Who could possibly resist? But…I did really have my heart set on planting those Tommy Toes,Β  Black Krim and Wild Sweeties too, so I went ahead and ordered those. Well. You would have too, wouldn’t you?

Amish paste seedlings starting to make their way in the world.

To top it all off a friend dropped in a couple of days ago and we got talking about vege seeds. She suggested a website that I had not heard of before as having an excellent range of vegetable seeds…and I made the mistake of having a peek. As it turns out Eden Seeds just happened to have those elusive Cherokee Purple and Black Russian seeds. So…yet another order is on its way.

My newest arrival, a 'Tiny Tim' seedling emerging.

So, at last count I now have Amish Paste, Cherry Cocktail, Tiny Tim, Burnley Sure Crop, Black Prince, Banana Legs, Aunt Ruby’s German, Tigerella, mystery tomato seeds, Tommy Toes, Black Krim, Wild Sweetie, Cherokee Purple and Black Russian either sown in seed-raising trays (waiting for the last frost to pass),Β  waiting to be sown or on order. That’s a grand total of 14 tomato varieties. And I still have to find that Black Pear don’t I?

As an aside, so far I have prepared one small garden bed that will fit two or three tomato plants. It’ll be fine. Of course it will.


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  1. Heidi – wow, do you have impressive aspirations for gardening this year (wahooky)!

    (BTW – I think you might have seen the “Black Krim” mentioned on the Idiot Gardener’s recent post? I had never heard of it before – but I’m learning!) Happy gardening, Gippy!! πŸ˜€ —Shyrlene

  2. Wow, you will be busy – I can see you in the dead of night sneaking out to plant random tomato plants where you hope nobody will notice. with that variety you will have to venture into the front garden, the side garden and pots on the patio. Thanks for the link to the yates challenge – I will be starting some bean seeds .

    • Hi Gillian – you’re not far wrong…I’m already getting some strange looks from my family as yet another envelope of tomato seeds tuns up. I am feeling the urge to hide them where they won’t be noticed, at least not for a while!

      I’ll have to see if I can find you on the garden challenge so I can visit you and your beans there – I’m HeidiK (from Gippsland of course!) on that site πŸ™‚

  3. Haha! Yes, you do still have to find your Black Pear πŸ˜› Actually, that’s not entirely true. In all honesty, with over 1000 varieties of tomato seeds available it’s not possible to try them all…but it’s fun to try! Next year we’re doubling the amount of space we devote to tomatoes, as we always seed too many different varieties. If you garden intensively, you can plant tomatoes quite close together. We overdid it this year, squashing a dozen plants in each 8 foot by 4 foot bed, growing them vertically in cages. It’s amazing what you can do with a little determination. I don’t see any trouble ahead at all…start saving those tomato recipes now! πŸ˜€

    • Well….there might be a thousand different tomatoes out there Clare, but how can I feel complete without that Black Pear to add to my collection? Maybe it will just have to wait until next year!
      Thanks for the idea of growing them a little more intensively. I was thinking I’d have to give them a fairly wide berth for air circulation, but I might try growing some a little closer together now!

  4. I am sick to death after a summer of too many tomatoes and watermelon…. I foresee you in the same boat come feb.

  5. I think it’s great. As long as you can get the beds prepared it’s a good idea to trial different varieties in different spots and find out which ones are best for your conditions. And if you get too many, pasta sauce freezes. Relish keeps. Your friends will love you.

    • Hello Missy and thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, I think friends and family will happily accept any ‘extras’, but I do have a lot of work ahead of me in terms of preparing a place to put all these plants!

  6. Ooooh, Heidi, it is a slippery slope that you are on now. Every year I try too many tomato varities (although I have a very good grower nearby, so I buy the plants and can only get one plant of each variety). This year I tired white, purple, pink, orange and black. I won’t give you their names, I don’t want to corrupt you any more, lol. They are just starting to turn colour, that is one problem I find with the heirloom varieties, they need a longer growing season than the modern varities.

    • Ah, now that would be nice…one of each plant. The problem with sowing seeds is that I don’t have the heart to discard any of them, so it’s find a spot or find someone to take them!
      It probably is best that you don’t name those varieties Deborah…I haven’t discovered any white or pink varieties yet!

  7. Hi Heidi, how wonderful! There is no such thing as too many tomatoes, right? We love Black Krim and the dark tomatoes for that smokey flavor. Even if you only plant one plant of each, that is quite a lot! Hope you have room and good luck! πŸ™‚

  8. Hello Frances, just today (between downpours) I was walking around the garden thinking about where all these tomatoes were going to go…I have the space, but an awful lot of digging to do. Serves me right really!

  9. How wonderful to think as my tomato harvest is drawing to a close in the next several weeks, your plants are just beginning their journey. I should tell you that I tried Cherokee Purple this year and they are absolutely delicious! But sorry to tell you that your list is not complete without Sungold… an amazing flavored orange cherry tomato, also new to my garden this year, but one I promise to never be without. Oh! and come January, I’ll be envious of your raspberries!

    • Oh no, Meredehuit – not another irresistable tomato!
      I’m going to have to avert my eyes…at least until next year! Now all I have to do is make sure I don’t actually see a pack of Sungold seeds anywhere…oh dear.
      Right now a raspberry in the hand seems worth a lot more than the promise of raspberries to come – enjoy yours!

  10. Hi, Heidi, I do admire you for trying all those varieties! I usually begin to panic when my seed start to arrive, and I don’t order a fraction of the amount. Can’t wait to see how banana legs turns out … or am I the only gardener who buys just for the name? Pam x

    • Hello Pam, no you are certainly not the only one who falls for a plant with an unusual name – I can’t wait to see the Banana Legs myself! The only problem is that because they came in a pack of 40 sees of 5 mixed varieties and I’ve only sown about a quarter of those seeds, I’m not even sure that I’m going to get a Banana Legs unless I go back and sow the whole pack!

  11. Hi Heidi, I see you get Diggers Seeds. I read their catalogue and marvel at the number of heirloom varieties. As a vicarious tomato grower, I hope it is OK to agree with Frances: you can’t have too many tomatoes. Enjoy the process and the harvest. cheers, catmint

    • Hello Catmint, I’ve only just signed up for Diggers, so struggling to excercise some restraint. I will certainly enjoy the process of growing the tomatoes, but having a harvest is something I barely dare hope for yet!

  12. I’ll be keen to hear what works for you Heidi – we have some different varieties this year that we are planting – can’t recall the names now but all heirloom… most from Diggers too… although some from and also (this site has some great info and their catalogue is brilliant).
    May the best tomato win!

  13. Hi Em!
    Oh no, more wonderful sites with more tomato seeds to want! I’m starting to feel a bit like Gollum…”Precious seeeeeds!”
    Can’t wait to hear what tomatoes you’ve got going in up on the hills!

  14. Jenny (Trezzie) said:

    Hiya Heidi, cool blog really like it.
    If you want to try a few more varieties of tomatoes (dont cringe!!) I’m growing ‘Jaunee Flamee’ a french heirloom orange in colour and ‘Broad Ripple Yellow Currant’ not sure if its an heirloom but its sort of old and its like a yellow cherry tomato. Both are available through Eden Seeds website but if you just want to try a few of each seed send me an email with your address and I’ll send them through the post to you πŸ˜€
    Jenny (Trezzie from Perth,WA)

  15. Hello Jenny and thanks for popping in to visit me here πŸ™‚

    Nooo! Don’t tempt me with more tomatoes! Actually, I’d be tempted to take you up on your kind offer, but I’m facing a serious dilemma as to where all of my tomato seedlings are going to go now! You see, I can’t stand to throw away a seeding once it has been kind enough to grow for me…and I’ve sown quite a few of each variety πŸ˜€

    Maybe next year…

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