Discovering a hidden haven in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Well, that was a long time between posts wasn’t it? But yes, I’m still here, up to my knees in weeds!

It has been an odd summer in my part of the world, wet and mild. But while it’s been a little odd, it has been mercifully free of disaster, unlike other parts of this country or region. The last few months and particularly the last few days have really brought home how lucky we are to live where we do.

I’ll try to get back to posting a bit more regularly, but at least part of my problem is a very old computer who doesn’t like to have to deal with photos. So I’ll just have to try to cut down the number of photos I’m attempting to post. I do get a little over excited with wanting to share pictures sometimes!

Anyway, here are a couple of quick photos from just over a month ago when my  Sunnies were in full swing. We’ve actually just pulled their denuded stalks out.  In the next day or two I’ll post a photo of the cause of their beauty being quite short-lived!

Well, time to be off to visit a few much missed blogs and a little *wave* to Jess for waking me from my blogging slumber 😀


Comments on: "Where did those months go?" (15)

  1. Oh, I am so glad you are back! You were my favorite blogging buddy and you were missed! And so glad you are safe and sound too.

    And anytime you get yourself to Charleston, I’ll be happy to have you as a guest and we can walk around the neighborhood to your hearts content! The neighbors really don’t even mind too much about the minor trespassing 🙂

    • ((((Jess)))) Maybe one day we can take that walk 🙂
      We have had a wonderful stroke of luck that will result in a trip to the UK very soon, so who knows what the future holds?!
      It’s nice to be back to such a warm welcome!

      • I could definitely be talked into a walk around the UK too you know… all these blogs with all these pictures of all these gardens… 🙂 okay I’m holding you to blogging here, at least through a few months. Promise :)!

  2. Heidi, Welcome back! I, too, missed your voice in the blogosphere and worried a bit whether your absence was health-related. I, for one, vote for posts with fewer photos as preferable to no posts. 🙂

    • Hello dear Jean! Thank you for the lovely welcome back. There have been a few ‘ups and downs’ health and family wise in the last couple of months, but thankfully nothing too serious! What is more serious is the number of weeds that are on the march…they do love this wet and mild weather!

  3. welcome back! love that first photo – sometimes just one perfect photo beats a whole string of mediocre ones 🙂

    • Hello Gillian and thanks for the welcome back 🙂 I will have to try and take your sage advice, as too often I crash my poor old computer trying to upload and edit a huge amount of photos. I will just have to be more discerning!

  4. Dear Heidi, I am so relieved you are safe… I wondered what had happened, as we hadn’t heard from you for a while. Your sunflower photos are stunning! Look forward to catching up with your news. P x

  5. Hello Pam! Thank you also for the lovely warm welcome back 🙂 My poor old sunflowers didn’t last long, but I did enjoy them while they were here. Can’t wait to pop over to your patch and see what’s been happening in your garden!

  6. Heidi, so good to see your post! I’ve been wondering where on earth you’d got to. Gorgeous sunflower shots! Glad to hear you have been keeping well. I’ll be looking out for more of what’s going on in that garden of yours.

    Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed a fairly mild Summer, even if it’s been a little wet. Up here we’ve had a horror Summer and it’s great to finally say goodbye to it … our ‘wet’ is not quite over yet, but it’s getting closer, thankfully.

    • Bernie!! Great to see you 🙂

      I did think of you and wondered how you had fared with the relentless punishments nature has been dealing out to Queensland this summer. I am sure many, many Queenslanders will share your sentiments about saying goodbye to summer.

  7. Welcome back! I wondered where you were 😉 Weeds explains it all. If I did all the weeding I supposed to do around here, I’d never have time to write a blog post! Glad to see you’re back about though. Love your gorgeous sunflowers, it will be some time before we see ours this year, we haven’t even made it to spring yet!

    • Hello dear Clare! If only I was actually doing the weeding with some sort of real purpose…then I might have something to show for my absence! Sadly, the weeds have the look of having settled in very nicely indeed 😦
      I hope spring doesn’t leave it too long to show her face in your part of the world, she can’t be that far off now can she?

  8. I was SO excited when I saw your post up on Blotanical! A hardy and happy “Welcome Back!” 😀

  9. Hello dear Shyrlene – thanks for the warm welcome back! Now you’ve reminded me that I must check in at Blotanical properly too!

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