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It is a Garden Show, but is it International?

What makes a flower and garden show ‘International’? I’m not sure what the answer to that question is, but on the weekend I dragged my long suffering daughter off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

I took a gazillion photos, half of which didn’t turn out.  I had put my camera on the wrong settings, so most of the photos were overexposed and pretty awful.

On the other hand, my daughter had a pretty good day, having been invited to pot three separate seedlings (a lettuce, capsicum and a pansy) and to have a close encounter with a Monarch butterfly in a temporary butterfly enclosure.

Nobody gave me a free seedling. Or a butterfly. But here are some of the photos that are still a bit fuzzy, but did sort of turn out…

The winning garden design by Paal Grant Designs and Entanglements.

'The Health and Wellbeing Garden' by Natural Inspirations

TAFE Horticulture student's mini garden design

An alarmingly large Pelican.

I had never seen these 'Green Trick' carnations before!

The photo doesn't do these justice, but they looked very pretty all together.

A floral display by Cecilia Fox making a statement about what is found in the forest. It was apparently destined to be 100% composted or recycled at show's close.

I thought these garden walls were pretty nifty. But nobody offered for me to take one of these home either.

This last one is just for Jess of 'Children of the Corm'. It is an understated fountain to go with her marble General on a horse.