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Building a herb garden to greet the bees.

I’ve been really missing the butterflies and bees in the last couple of weeks. They will return to my spring garden any time now and I’m longing for their arrival.

Before starting. Hoping that the herb garden won't need the cat-deterent devices of the vege pot in the foreground!

So, that means that it is time to tear myself away from the tomato seedlings and get stuck into some work in my ‘Butterfly and Bee’ garden…before I completely fill it with the veges.

Believe it or not the grey furry one is a marjoram I'd been nursing back to health to go in the new herb garden.

Up until now I’ve had a few herbs in post and dotted around the garden, but I thought adding a garden of herbs on the North facing side of the house would have more than one benefit.

One benefit is that it is not far from the kitchen door, so very handy for snipping a few quick herbs to go in dinner, two is…there may just happen to be a few tomato plants going in nearby and attracting some buzz-pollinating blue-banded bees toward them won’t hurt a bit. Three is that this is, after all, meant to be in the part of the  garden that the bees and the butterflies would most like to visit so we can see them close up.


So far I’m putting in three different types of thyme, oregano, bergamot, rosemary and marjoram. As these are mainly mediterranean type herbs I am hoping the North facing wall will help give them a microclimate that they like.

Early plantings hoping that the giant shiny bird isn't going to eat them.

This won’t strictly be a herb garden, I’m also adding some native flowers that the butterflies like ( Swan River Daisy – Brachyscome iberidifolia, Yellow Buttons – Helichrysum ramosissimum and Golden Everlasting – Bracteantha bracteata ) So hopefully in a month or two the place will be buzzing!

My poor rosemary was very root bound. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do for it, but I'll see if it manages to bouce back.