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My Garden Bouquet (MGB) for June – Winter White

Each month I challenge myself to come up with something to put together for the monthly ‘My Garden Bouquet’ Meme hosted by Noelle over at Ramblings from a Desert Garden. For once I’m running a little ahead of time, rather than behind, but Noelle would welcome you to join in and you can find out more about it at the end of her latest post.

The Monthly Garden Bouquet is a good challenge to have, because it makes me look more carefully at my garden. It also makes me think about the work I need to do to make it more bountiful throughout the seasons in future.

My effort this month is as informal (ham-fisted 😀 ) as always, but is unusual for me in terms of colour…

'Early Pearly' camellia, with 'Winchester Cathedral' rose and 'The Swan' rose buds.

A white and silver toned bouquet is very restrained for me, as I generally go for colour. Soft colours maybe, but I do instinctively reach for colour. Unfortunately the few flowers in different colours that were available in my garden clashed with each other, so I had to think again. My eyes turned to my lovely soft white camellia.

Sorry about the shaky image! The foliage is Feijoa and buddleja leaves

My ‘Early Pearly’ camellia has been the star of the garden since mid April, when, true to it’s name, it starts flowering before any other camellia in my garden.  My ‘Early Pearly’ is still a fairly small shrub, but it has a lovely soft weeping habit and beautiful dark green glossy leaves. It also has the loveliest white flowers that emerge from pink tinged buds. The petals even look pretty when fallen and shattered beneath the bush.

Delightful 'Early Pearly' camellia

I was quite frustrated that my bouquet photos were all either washed out by the flash or slightly fuzzy in the low light without it. I must sit down and learn more about photography one day. Another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list! Still, what’s life if there are no new challenges on the horizon!

My Garden Bouquet (MGB) for May

First of all I must start with an apology to my blogging friends – I’ve been a bit quiet in terms of visiting blogs and saying hello lately. I can work some pretty erratic hours (makes my work sound mysterious that, doesn’t it?!) and they haven’t been very gardening or blogging friendly lately!

Anyway…I made a promise to myself that I would have a bouquet every month to join in with Noelle over at ‘Ramblings from a Desert Garden’ for her monthly ‘My Garden Bouquet‘ meme. It now occurs to me that it wasn’t the smartest promise to make when you don’t have a lot of flowers in your garden to begin with!

But all is not quite lost, there are a few blooms left to be going on with…so let’s see what can be done for May…

The larger camellia is 'Desire'. Sadly I've forgotten the name of the smaller one.

I was saved by the sun today. I took a few photos of the bouquet when it was overcast and they turned out looking very dull. A bit of sun behind the vase woke things up a little!

Pierre de Ronsard rose is in there too, but at this time of year it is much paler.

If you would like to join in with your own bouquet, you’ve still got a little time!  Noelle will make you very welcome and you can join in here.

My Garden Bouquet (MGB) for April.

It’s been a pretty rushed and impatient kind of a week. You know the type where you haven’t given yourself enough time to do anything properly, so you run around doing lots of ‘half baked’ things?  That’s been my week, so today my little bouquet is pretty ham-fisted. I call it…

"Roses Stuffed in a Jam Jar"

I’m not quite sure that stuffing something in a jar is quite what Noelle over at Ramblings From A Desert Garden had in mind when she invited us all to join her for MGB – Monthly Garden Bouquet, so I promise to try harder next time.  I suggest you head over to Noelle’s place and have a look at the lovely bouquets from people who did take some time about it there!

The roses are Abraham Darby, The Dark Lady, Ambridge Rose, Double Delight and something I thought was called ‘Devon’ that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere under that name.

Noelle is inviting everyone to join in, so see what you can create and jump in. I really enjoy seeing the beautiful creations that everyone else comes up with!

'Possum' thinks it's an overdecorated water bowl.

My (cheerful) Garden Bouquet – March MGB

I’m a little late for the occasion, but Noelle over at ‘Ramblings From a Desert Garden‘ had a lovely idea last month to share a regular post (Meme? I’m still not sure what that means!) featuring a bouquet from your garden on the third week of the month. Her bouquet for the month is of beautiful soft colours that I would love to have adorning my home.

I was going to reach for the roses, but thought instead I’d do a quick and cheerful little bouquet to make my daughter smile.

My mini cheerful bouquet March 2010

So here we have, Golden Everlasting daisies , ‘Raspberry Cupcake’ Argyranthemum and carrot leaves all in a jam jar!

No floristry awards for me, but my daughter did like the bouquet and was only a little bit miffed that I nicked some of the leaves from her carrots to make it!

You can join in with Noelle and/or have a look at some other lovely arrangements  here . I’m going to challenge myself to have something to display every month, could be interesting come mid winter!